The affordable Samsung Galaxy J 2 Pro

There are companies around the world that are having a great impact, and influence on the economy, culture, and expectations on people, not only users, but resellers, journalists, news portals, and of course, the rest of companies, always using them as reference. One of these companies is Samsung, which in July released Samsung Galaxy J 2 Pro, as a Galaxy line product.

This phone resulting having interesting and innovative features, in direct relation to its predecessor, and on the specific line of product, and range it belongs to. However, before getting deep into expectations, and technical specifications, it would be worthy to explain a little bit, how this company became in what it is today, the second phone manufacturer on the planet.

A little bit of history

Since 1938, the year Samsung was founded in South Korea; it has been an important company in technology, with great lines of product, building and selling devices from any types, like radios, televisions, appliances, and others, offering all the time good quality, guarantee, and technical support, becoming a known and recognized brand by users, in relation to good functioning.

A little bit of history

However, with the arrival of the mobile phone, and the massification of this technology, getting used by millions of people starting in the year of 1990, Samsung found its mobile division, but been overshadowed by other companies in the sector with more experience, like Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, and Ericsson, leaving the Korean company several steps below in this specific business.

The beginning of success in mobile business

So, Samsung was a successful company, being present in most of the product lines referring to technology. Nevertheless, in the mobile phone business, was overcome for other more specialized enterprises, by far, releasing phones with very little expectation, regular sales, and always several steps behind Nokia and Motorola, leaders in field, selling millions releasing innovative products.

The beginning of success in mobile business

However, all of this was about to change, in 2007 with the birth the of smart phone, as it is known today, by the hand of Apple and Steve Jobs, with the Iphone and IOS operating system, and a year later, the released of Android as an operating system, in the HTC Dream. Therefore, this is the beginning of Samsung as company to stomp on mobile business, and start having influence on it.

But, why it was the beginning? For a simple reason, Samsung was the company that saw the real potential on Android, and devices with big screen size, multi-touch, and no keyboard, to face Apple and the Iphone in a competitive way, always betting on this alternative operating system, that will become the most used on mobile devices today, thanks to this big company, too.

In the same way, in order to compete with Apple, Samsung decided to visualize and apply its business on a completely opposite way and approach, releasing several line products with all ranges, qualities, and prices, addressed to all kinds of users, unlike Apple, selling only just one phone model a year, belonging to high range category, being expensive and not for everyone.

Arrival of the Galaxy line products

In the year of 2009, to compete with Apple, Samsung designs a general line of products called Galaxy, with several types of models with different approaches regarding users, range, specifications, and price. Nowadays, over 70 phones have been released belonging to Samsung Galaxy series, without counting tablets, smart watches and other devices.

In the same order of ideas, the first Galaxy model was the Samsung Galaxy or i7500, with high end features for that time. Then, in 2010 it was released the first Samsung Galaxy S, as a premium sub-line of products, being released once a year, as flag ship of the company, still existing today.

Arrival of the Galaxy line products

Over the years, according to range and price, Samsung has released sub-lines of products in the general Galaxy line, like the Note as powerful and big screen phones, the Mini as cut versions of flag ships, the A line addressed to business men, with metal luxurious phones, Duos with double SIM, and the J line as a mix, offering low, mid and high end phones, with innovative features.

The latest Samsung Galaxy J 2 Pro

Specifically, the latest release of Samsung in relation to the J sub-line of products is the Galaxy J 2 Pro, a low end device with interesting and innovative features for the price, being a great option for young people, who want to stay connected, and shared content over social media, and others.

This model has a 5.0 inch display, with a HD resolution of 1280 x 720 and Super Amoled technology, giving sharp images and oversaturated colors, it has 2 GB of ram (previous model had only 1.5 GB), 16 GB storage capacity (8 GB on previous J 2), SD card slot until 32 GB, a Quad core processor running at 1.5 GHZ, a 2.600 mAH battery, double SIM, and Android Marshmallow 6.0.

The latest Samsung Galaxy J 2 Pro

On other features, the Samsung Galaxy J 2 Pro has 4g capabilities, with LTE, Wi-fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, and it has 8 mm thickness, being very thin and light in the hand. However, the most interesting feature of this phone is the use of Smart Glow, a surrounded light on the flash functioning as smart notification, with different colors, depending on the phone state.

Availability date and price

The Samsung Galaxy J 2 Pro can be bought since July 2016, on colors that are tendency in the industry now, like black, silver and gold. Regarding to price, it costs 142 dollars, being a low end device, but having more that interesting features in relation to performance, screen size, software, hardware, and other features on the latest device on the J line of Galaxy products.

In conclusion, this phone represents a great opportunity, to buy a more than capable device, affordable, and with enough power and connectivity options to be connected, watch movies and videos, take photos and selfies, internet browsing and email, and occasional games to kill time, that is why, the Samsung Galaxy J Pro 2 stands out as an affordable option to have a smart phone.


An unbelievable product in the Radeon Pro SSG

Every once in a while, industries are audacious and want to surprise the market and consumers with great and innovative products, sometimes even unimaginable until they are invented and sold. So, the perfect example of this case is a powerful device designed by AMD, making a whole new product with unseen features before, this incredible product is the Radeon Pro SSG.

A graphic card for professionals and content creators

In the case of photographers, movie makers, video games designers, and video editors, computers and resources used by them have to be very powerful, in order to handle great amounts of data, to create content and modify it on large screens with high resolutions, sometimes at the same time. Therefore, in order to achieve this capacity, AMD and Nividia offer their solutions about it.

A graphic card for professionals and content creators

These two industries have two lines of products, respectively. AMD and its professional line, as well as Nividia with its specific line of products, the two of them focused on productivity and content creation and editing, instead of gaming, which obviously graphic cards from this line can handle, but they are not specifically design for this purpose, unlike RX and Geforce products lines.

So, the Radeon pro SSG is going to be the top of the line from AMD, in relation to this type of product, where the best product of competition does not even reach half of power this card is going to have. However, it has other incredible feature, the Pro SSG has a SSD, or solid state drive inside, becoming in two devices at once, providing unprecedented performance and power.

Knowing the Radeon Pro SSG

In order to know this device, recognize its functions and used addressing, to describe it results almost imperative. To begin with, the Radeon Pro SSG from AMD is a graphic card design for professional use, being based on a Fiji processor, producing over 20 Teraflops per second, an unbelievable performance capacity never seen before, and 32 GB of dedicated VRAM.

In the same order of ideas, the most impressive thing about this card results in the way of functioning, having completely integrated 1 terabyte ultra fast solid state drive, or SSD, which storage capacity can be used as more VRAM, or to save large amounts of data, content, and even an operating system that will be executed and developed blazing fast, with almost no time loads.

Knowing the Radeon Pro SSG

In fact, the meaning of the acronym SSG in the name stands for Solid State Graphic, in direct relation of what the product is for, and what it has inside, regarding the SSD inside connected through PCI Express slot, being almost twice as fast, as an SSD connected by regular SATA connection, increasing performance, speed, loading times, and other functions.

Right now, the Radeon Pro SSG is only available as a development kit for 10.000 dollars; however, it will be released on 2017 on regular markets worldwide, for professional to buy it, and enjoy the fastest graphic card addressed to this type of business, and the chance to take advantage of using a solid state drive, making look mechanical drives as old and obsolete technology.

A hybrid device in the Surface 4 Pro

Without a doubt, Microsoft represents one of the most respected companies around the world, in terms of software, and of course, its relation with the personal computer or PC, and Windows as an operating system. However, in relation to mobile devices, success has not been frequent, to change it, this company designed the Surface line, and Surface 4 Pro as latest product.

Microsoft since the beginning was a company focused on software, as principal premise, influencing hardware, but not manufacturing it, that happened later, but this company is usually known for creating Windows, where it has no competition as general operating system, and other software created to office and home use, photo editors, and other type of applications.

The birth of the Surface

In terms of mobile devices, Microsoft has not been very successful, in relation to phones, PDAs, MP3 players, and others. Starting from Windows Mobile, to Windows Phone, and all devices that functioned under these operating systems did not influence the market, at all, being completely shadowed with the birth of IOS by Apple, and Android by Google, a few years ago.

The birth of the Surface

In consequence, Microsoft realized about this, getting the idea to unify their great software directed to PC, with a great mobile device, and they thought about a hybrid computer, some kind of mix between a tablet, and a desktop, in order to take advantage of both type of devices at the same time. With this idea, the Surface was developed, and introduced finally on 2012.

With the first generation, the market was not so expecting, and may be doubting about this new product, however, it resulted a way to consolidate the concept of a full personal computer, in a small package with multimedia consumption approach, like a tablet. So, Microsoft released the second and third generation, always selling more devices of this type, creating great interest.

The latest Surface 4 Pro

In the same order of ideas, Microsoft introduce its latest model of Surface, the fourth generation with great expectations, Windows 10, and following the design of its predecessor, being powerful, convertible, with an attaching keyboard, and sixth generation of Intel Core processors or Skylake, to ensure the best performance, smoothness and productivity with this device.

In terms of specifications, the Surface 4 Pro has an Intel Core I5 6300 processor, running at 2.4 GHZ, 8 GB DDR3 RAM to open several applications, a 256 SSD or solid state drive for storage, also providing great speed in relation to open software and boot up Windows, a 12.3 display with 2K resolution and 3.2 aspect ratio, Intel HD 520 Graphic as integrated video card.

The latest Surface 4 Pro

On other general features it has an 8 MP main camera and 5.0 MP front facing camera, Wi-fi. Bluetooth 4.0, accelerometer, gyroscope, and light sensors. About connectivity and ports the Surface 4 Pro has a mini display port, 1 USB 3.0 port, 3.5 mm headphone jack, and magnetic keyboard dock, weighting 768 grams, very light in for the type of device, being a complete PC.

Knowing the astonishing Samsung Galaxy Note 7

There is no doubt of the great influence mobile devices are having in the society, at present time, influencing every aspect of human culture, in terms of communication, interconnection, sharing, work, studies, information, knowledge and every other, making possible things a few years later could not be imagined. So, with the astonishing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 more will be possible.

Nonetheless, none of this would be possible, without the use and possibilities brought by the internet, being the main technology the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and others devices have, in order to make all their functions possible, being connected and receiving data to update different useful information and others, giving phones the exact label of “smart” could not be possible without it.

The arrival of the intelligent phone

On the years of 2007 and 2008, the Iphone by Apple, with IOS operating system, and the HTC Dream as the first phone with Android were released, giving birth to a new era of mobile devices. In the same way, phones become multifunction handhelds, with plenty of functionalities starting from internet capabilities, apps, all of that seen on big screens, with multi-touch and no keyboard.


On the three years that followed, the tendency worldwide of people using this devices was simply unbelievable, giving great benefits to the biggest companies on the planet regarding this sector of business, Samsung and Apple, selling devices by millions per month, with the consequence release of new devices, more capable, faster, with better cameras, connections and others.

But, the biggest revolution of this type of devices, other than having combined functions, being completely portable, with multi-touch screens, and no keyboard, it results on the functioning of apps, like small software with specific use that transforms the phone into a mini PC, or a gaming console, because all possibilities given by large screens, and great computing power inside.

The Galaxy Note family

In the same order of ideas, as the phone market was growing, and the influence of these devices rise up every week, a Korean technology company realized about a tendency of use manufacturers and users were having, in direct relation to the screen size of smart phones, being bigger and bigger on every release, and they thought about a new line of product, an none existing one, yet.

Given the tendency of people on using bigger devices, with larger and better screen, to take photos, consume multimedia files like movies, series, videos, and also the possibilities on the productive approach, Samsung invented a new device, massive for that time, with a screen size of 5.3 inches in diagonal, being the biggest mobile screen put on a device on the entire planet.

The Galaxy Note family

In this way, the Samsung Galaxy Note family, or “phablet” was born, as an innovative and powerful device and product, with a large screen of 5.3 inches, great hardware and quality, big battery life, and the inclusion of an special tool called “S Pen”, to take advantage of that screen in relation to productivity. With this product, Samsung invented a product between a tablet and a smart phone.

Of course, as it always happens with a new product, the first Samsung Galaxy Note was criticized by plenty of reviewers and analysts, claiming this phone were too big for the hand, and confused between two different products. Nevertheless, by the release time the phone became an absolute success, selling over ten million units in matter of weeks, proving Samsung right.

Details of these devices

Continuing, devices belonging to the Samsung Galaxy Note family are very specific, and unique in their type, almost having exclusive design and features, which users know they are going to find for sure with this phones, and not on any other existing, giving an exceptionality air to this line of product, with power, luxury, functionality, productivity, and most of all, a big screen size.

But in detail, the main characteristics of these devices are: having a big screen; being from 5.3 inches to 5.7 in diagonal with HD, Full HD, and 2K resolutions, top of the line processors; for every model at the time of its release, having four and eight cores some models, powerful GPUs, high storage capacity; going from 16 GB to 64 GB plus SD slots, high resolution cameras; from 8 to 16.

In the same way, due to this powerful hardware, Galaxy Note devices always are equipped with large batteries, going from 2.500 mAH, to 3.500 mAH, and ultimate technologies regarding connectivity, like 4g network or LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, and security with fingerprint scanners. However, a disadvantage for some people may result on total size, and general weight.

The future is here with Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Regarding to this family of great devices, its last member is about to be released, not passing unseen by anyone, that for sure. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to be the most advance of this brand, yet. In fact, the previous one was the Note5, but Samsung decided to move name model straight to Note 7, matching it with the every year flag ship along, the Samsung Galaxy 7.

The future is here with Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Among the features of this new phone, all of them conclude in an impressive device, thought as a work and business cell phone, with a double curve on the sides, giving extra functionalities and a more than beautiful look, a 5.7 inches screen size, water resistant, and the inclusion, as always of the special pen attached to the phone.

It has a 2K resolution screen, perfect for multimedia content, a 12 dual lenses camera with Dual Pixel, 64 GB basic storage plus SD until 256 GB, 4 GB of RAM along with the 820 Qualcomm processor assuring speed, wireless fast charging with a 3.500 mAH smart battery.

Also, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has innovative features that look from the future, like having an Iris Scanner, opening the device with just look at it, and virtual reality capabilities, due to its powerful hardware, and the use of Gear VR, for an immersive and future experience in games.

Release date of Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 is going to be released on August 19th, with great expectations about the new technologies this device has, like the Iris Scanner and the virtual reality capabilities.

Release date of Galaxy Note 7

The great phablet Honor 8

It is not a secret the great influence mobile devices have on daily life of people, in different matter like work, studies, recreation, social lives, and others, that is why, most of them would not conceive life without these handhelds, paying sometimes big amounts of money to obtain the best. However, a great device with excellent value for money is available, being the Honor 8.

The world of mobile devices is crowded, with countless brands and companies offering their cell phones with different designs, functions, aspects, colors, and built with different materials, from the basic plastic, to the fancy anodized aluminum, and even ceramic. In the same way, prices are very diverse, but finding an excellent device with value for the money may be harder than it looks.

Huawei subsidiary

But before entering fully into this device, talk about its specific brand would be great. So, Honor stands out as subsidiary from Huawei, designing phones that are economic, but great in performance and functionality. In the same way, the final objective of Huawei is to concentrate on high end, and flag ships and innovative phone, leaving middle and low end phones to Honor.

Huawei subsidiary

Of course, this does not mean the quality of Honor products are bad, on the contraire, devices from this brand have helped Huawei to become the third biggest phone manufacturer in the world, only behind Samsung, and Apple, which is not bad, at all. In fact, this company has the goal to be, at least, the second biggest manufacturer, only in the lapse time of five years.

It may sound a little audacious, but at the rhythm this technology enterprise is growing, and with the help of Honor, building great devices with excellent prices, it would not be surprising a lot to see Huawei as one of world leader brand o phones manufacturer, although all brands existing on China, where there are plenty of successful and innovative companies, like Xiaomi or Oppo.

The Honor 8 as main character

The latest release of the Honor brand corresponds to a mobile phone, which belongs to the top series of this subsidiary company. It is the Honor 8, a high end model device by half of the price, in comparison to other high end models from other companies, having everything the average user may need, and more, thanks to all its functions, and power inside this big, and great device.

To begin with, the Honor 8 stands out as a massive phone, with a screen size of 6.6 inches, which could be consider more a tablet device than a mobile phone. In the same order of ideas, the resolution of this screen is 2K or 2160×1440 in diagonal, providing this device of an astonishing display, sharp and colored, perfect for watching a movie, reading, and play 3D games in comfort.

The Honor 8 as main character

Although, this is a very big phone, which some may called huge, but in terms of thickness is unbelievable, being only 7.1 mm thick, thinner than a pen, in fact, almost half of that size. This phone is completely built in metal, giving a very fancy finish, from a high end device only.

Regarding technical specifications, the Honor 8 has an eight core processor called Kirin 955, which is built and designed by Huawei itself, along with the Mali T880 GPU, giving great power to the phone, needed to fill up that 2K screen, the system running, and all the resources different apps are going to request, for them to open smoothly and fast, like heavy software and mobile games.


General specifications


General specifications

Along with processor and GPU, the Honor 8 has 4 GB of RAM memory, in order to have enough capacity to handle heavy work and multitasking, making the device able to run several apps without crashing, stop them, or get the general function of the device slow, something that is not going to happen with this Honor model.

Regarding storage capacity, the Honor 8 comes in 32, 64, and 128 GB, defining the total cost, also offering the chance to use a SD card, in order to have enough space for multimedia content, and the amazing pictures taken by the 13 MP camera with dual tone flash, for more natural colors, and the 8 MP front-facing camera, in order to shoot the corresponding selfies with great quality.

On other general functions, the Honor 8 has a fast fingerprint sensor for security, Bluetooth 4.2 for sharing files, GPS for positioning, NFC to purchase products with the phone, a reversible USB Type C, and a 4.500 mAH battery with fast charge, so it never runs out of power. Finally, the Honor 8 comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, with a secured upgrade to Android 7.0 Nougat, later on.

Comparison with previous model

Behind the Honor 8 it is the Honor 7, a device released last year, with similarities, and a plenty of differences. So, the Honor 7 is thicker by almost 1.2 mm, it has a smaller screen with 5.2 inches, the previous version of processor and GPU, a smaller battery, only 3 GB of RAM, and no NFC. Although, a disadvantage could be Honor 8 does not have IR port and FM, like Honor 7 does.

Comparison with previous model

Other information about Honor 8

This great mobile phone will be introduced in stores on August 9th, with the chance to reserve it before that date, being colors available gold, silver and gray, costing 310 dollars from the basic 32 GB model, to 380 dollars the 128 GB model, having an excellent value for money, in direct comparison to other competitors, and the same line of product, costing a lot more than Honor 8.

In conclusion, the Honor 8 results a great option to buy a more than capable phone, with a high end finish and functionality, for half of the price of other devices from competitors, sometimes, inferior in quality, and performance. So, if there are users with certain taste on mobile phone, requiring performance, style and value for money, this may be the ultimate choice for them.