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The mysterious Nintendo NX

In the world of entertainment and technology, videogames have always represented a great sector, with billions of dollars per year, influencing culture on every level, like movies, music and other fields, being considered by many as an art. About this topic, Nintendo is an outstanding company, now even more, with the expectation of release of its next console, the Nintendo NX.

Nintendo wants to get back

Nintendo represents one of the greatest videogame companies existing, along with Sony and its Play station, and Microsoft with the XBOX, influencing the market big way, with remarkable characters they owned as very successful franchises, like Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Metroid, and others, making this company huge, and known almost in every place on the planet.

However, Nintendo is having some problems on the specific division related with home console sector, losing influence and power on the market, because of the low expectation and non-trusted environment surrounding the Wii U, thanks to minimum sales, and the claiming of costumers confusing about it, as an extra device of the first Wii.

Nintendo wants to get back

To explain this better, on the seventh generation of consoles, Nintendo released the Wii, to compete with the Play Station 3 from Sony, and the XBOX 360 from Microsoft, using a very different approach of the other two, which were focused on graphic power, and experimented player´s field, instead of the Wii, being a family home console for everyone who wanted to play.

With this particular and unique approach, along with innovative motion controls, the Wii became a success and the absolute king on its generation of consoles, selling over 100 million units during its lifetime, something really impressive. Nevertheless, Nintendo repeated the formula on the next generation with the Wii U, and well, things did not work out as well as the first time they tried.

All hopes on the Nintendo NX

So, on this generation, and learning from its mistakes, Nintendo wants to get back on the game, with the release of the Nintendo NX, a mysterious console that is not on the market yet, but expectations, and rumors are getting bigger every day.

In more details, rumors say Nintendo NX is going to be released on March, 2017 as a hybrid concept between a home console, and a portable console, having both capabilities, which sounds really interesting, like the fact supposedly it will be using cartridges, instead of disc for game storage, something sincerely hard to believe, but rumors can say a different thing every day.

Nintendo would be like a portable console, with two controls attached to the side, which could be separated, in order to play on a TV screen. In terms of technical specifications, it would be powered by the Tegra X1, a processor built by Nvidia, being powerful, but not as much as its competitors, and the use of a dock station, when it is on standby, or in home console use.

All hopes on the Nintendo NX

To conclude, if this rumors result being true, Nintendo seems to follow the same approach they followed with Wii, and Wii U. Nevertheless, if same mistakes are not done again, and the Nintendo NX is support by great marketing, and they show clearly how the console works, there are possibilities for it to success.