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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air as first computing device

Without a doubt, Chinese companies are competing hard on different fields and sectors on technology market, from mobile phones, tablets and wearables, to smart watches, computers and appliances, with the approach offering great devices at low cost. In this case it is the company Xiaomi, and its entry on another field different than phones, with the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air.

Xiaomi and technology products

Xiaomi is a Chinese company, being known and recognized this time now, because of the many products released by it every year, in terms of mobile phones, smart watches, appliances, TV boxes, headphones, tablets, and others, with great acceptance, and the corresponding approach by Chinese companies, to sell at very competitive prices, without forgetting quality and looks.

Nevertheless, without a doubt strength of Xiaomi is definitely the mobile phone field, selling millions of them every year, and releasing low, mid and high end devices with killing prices, and offering the same, or even higher quality and features than competitors like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, which is also from China, among other successful Chinese companies existing.

Xiaomi and technology products

In the same order of ideas, this Chinese company has released great phones, like flag chips and mid range devices with great sales, like the Mi Note line, and Mi line like the Xiaomi Mi 3, 4 or 5, all of them being high end phones with great performance, hardware, functions, and beautiful looks, even some of them offered made by ceramic, at very low prices compared with others.

The first laptop from Xiaomi is the Mi Notebook Air

Furthermore, Xiaomi never released a computing device itself, like a PC or a laptop with Windows as operating system, until now, extending its already big offer of products, adding a complete computing machine, a laptop with many features and replicating portable devices designed by Apple like Mac Book Air, even imitating the way it is called, being the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air.

In the same way, the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air is a laptop with great features, starting with a 12, 2 inch display with Full HD resolution or 1080p with multi touch options, full metallic body making it look beautiful, enlighten keyboard, fast charging (only seen on phones), Dolby speakers, only being 12.9 mm thick, and weighting 1,02 KG.

On more technical specifications, this laptop has an Intel Core M3 6Y30 processor, an HD 515 graphic from Intel, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 128 GB solid state drive plus SD card slot, USB Type C port, 1 USB 3.0 port, HDMI out, double band wireless LAN, an 11 hours battery with 37 Wh capacity, and Windows 10 as operating system.

The first laptop from Xiaomi is the Mi Notebook Air

Also, the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air has other more advance variant, with a larger display of 13.3 inches, and some other differences, like the inclusion of a I5 6200U processor, a GT 640 1GB GDDR video card from Nvidia, double of RAM, double storage capacity, two USB ports. Of course, this variant results more powerful, costing more. Both devices cost 523 and 749 dollars, respectively.

Umi Super 4G as the affordable and Premium phone

It results no secret the influence of the smart phone on peopleĀ“s lives, using it every day to stay connected, in touch, and deeply related to every aspect of life, like work, studies, recreation, and others, having the world in the palm of the hands. So, China is standing out as a country with plenty of companies making great phones, at low price, like it happens with the UMI Super 4G.

Chinese companies and phone market

Many companies around the world are created every day, to design and built mobile devices, due to the importance and relevance these have on people, buying phones and tablets for different reasons, which could be from communication, to recreation and multimedia consumption, either way, businesses around the world do not want to miss chance to obtain profit out this product.

However, the market has already specific companies, which have all the attention and influence because of their size, experience, and product developing, earning trust and power on the mobile deviceĀ“s industry. In the same order of ideas, there are three companies standing out in this sector, like Apple and the influencing Iphone, Samsung and its Galaxy product line, and Huawei.

Chinese companies and phone market

As it is seen, there is already a Chinese company on the podium like Huawei, a very respected company that from the ground up, respecting to mobile devices it has grown exponentially, reaching the third place on the planet, planning to get higher. Nevertheless, there are other plenty of companies existing, building more than interesting phones like Xiaomi, Oppo and Umi.

This Chinese market in relation to mobile phones results very interesting, having the approach on selling great and powerful phones, at very low prices in comparison to other reference companies, becoming a real competition to them, and making general price to go down. In direct relation to this approach, Umi has shown a premium phone with high end features, by half price.

The incredible UMI Super 4G phone

This is the Umi Super 4G, an impressive phone with looks, features and performance of a high end device, costing less than half of total price, in comparison to other premium phone. So, this device have a 5.5 screen with Full DH resolution built by Sharp, giving great colors and quality, covered with Gorilla Glass 3, against massive scratching and breaking, being always protected.

On the main technical specifications, this phone has a powerful Octa core processor, specifically the Helio P10 built by Mediatek, assuring power and smoothness, along with it there is a 4 GB RAM memory, and 32 GB of general storage capacity, which can be extended with a SD card, until 256 GB. Also, this phone counts with an excellent 13 MP camera, and a 5 MP camera for selfies.

The incredible UMI Super 4G phone

On more general features, the UMI Super 4G has a back fingerprint scanner for security, a USB Type C port for fast charging and connectivity, a 4.000 mAH battery for prolonged used, and all of this packed into a beautiful aluminum anodized body. In relation to the price, it costs 219 dollars, an scandal price in relation to what it offers, being a real machine for mid range general price.

Knowing the Asus ROG GL752VW

Inside the industry of PC gaming, devices usually are very powerful, due to the need of great resources and speed to execute such games on them. That is why; different specialized industries like Asus, MSI and Gigabyte have their own division about this specific sector. In relation to Asus, this division is ROG, or Republic of Gamers, standing out its release of the Asus ROG GL752vw.

Republic of Gamers as quality label

Before getting deeply into this device, it would be valuable to talk about the special division Asus has called Republic of Gamers, almost functioning as an independent label, with certain unique characteristics, which separate general products, from devices design to be sold under this label.

A great gaming device in the Asus ROG GL752VW

In the same way, Republic of Gamers from Asus include all devices focused on gaming, from specialized laptops and desktops, with unique design, characteristic colors, great performance, but not only that, labeling other products to sale independently, like motherboards, graphic cards, cooling solutions, and external peripherals like keyboards, mouse, headphones and others.

So, when costumers realize about this label related to quality and performance, products generate more expectations, helping them about marketing, and to know for sure the general functioning of such products, like it happens with the Asus ROG GL752VW, a mobile computer that users are going to relate with unique characteristics, and obviously, the performance and quality behind it.

A great gaming device in the Asus ROG GL752VW

So about characteristics and specifications, this laptop stands out at first hand, because of a big LED screen, having 17.3 inches diagonal with a Full HD resolution or 1920x1080p. In relation to the processor, it has a powerful sixth generation Core i7 6700HQ Skylake processor, more than enough for multitasking, video editing, and other features needed by users of this device.

In the same way, this Asus ROG has 16 GB DDR4 memory, with the chance to expand it until 32 GB, 1 TB hard drive for storage content of any kind, including the operating system, a DVD writer and reader, different connection ports like Ethernet, 3 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB 3.0 port, 1 3.1 USB Type C port, a HDMI out, and a mini display port, to use in monitors with 4K resolutions.

Republic of Gamers as quality label

However, one of the most important component of this gaming laptop is the video card, integrating a dedicated 2 GB GDDR5 GTX 960 M from Nvidia, powering up its Full HD display, and giving power to execute demanding games from this year, like Doom or The Division.

On other general specs, the Asus ROG GL752VW has Wi-fi, Bluetooth, an illuminated keyboard in red, being a characteristic of this gaming division, a four cell battery (which can stay short, and last for two hours tops, and even less on gaming mode) Also, another disadvantage could be this machine comes with Freedos and no other operating system, which must be bought separately.

The final cost of the Asus ROG GL752VW is about 1300 dollars, being more than reasonable, offering enough performance and portability, despites low battery capacity and having no O.S.

A hybrid device in the Surface 4 Pro

Without a doubt, Microsoft represents one of the most respected companies around the world, in terms of software, and of course, its relation with the personal computer or PC, and Windows as an operating system. However, in relation to mobile devices, success has not been frequent, to change it, this company designed the Surface line, and Surface 4 Pro as latest product.

Microsoft since the beginning was a company focused on software, as principal premise, influencing hardware, but not manufacturing it, that happened later, but this company is usually known for creating Windows, where it has no competition as general operating system, and other software created to office and home use, photo editors, and other type of applications.

The birth of the Surface

In terms of mobile devices, Microsoft has not been very successful, in relation to phones, PDAs, MP3 players, and others. Starting from Windows Mobile, to Windows Phone, and all devices that functioned under these operating systems did not influence the market, at all, being completely shadowed with the birth of IOS by Apple, and Android by Google, a few years ago.

The birth of the Surface

In consequence, Microsoft realized about this, getting the idea to unify their great software directed to PC, with a great mobile device, and they thought about a hybrid computer, some kind of mix between a tablet, and a desktop, in order to take advantage of both type of devices at the same time. With this idea, the Surface was developed, and introduced finally on 2012.

With the first generation, the market was not so expecting, and may be doubting about this new product, however, it resulted a way to consolidate the concept of a full personal computer, in a small package with multimedia consumption approach, like a tablet. So, Microsoft released the second and third generation, always selling more devices of this type, creating great interest.

The latest Surface 4 Pro

In the same order of ideas, Microsoft introduce its latest model of Surface, the fourth generation with great expectations, Windows 10, and following the design of its predecessor, being powerful, convertible, with an attaching keyboard, and sixth generation of Intel Core processors or Skylake, to ensure the best performance, smoothness and productivity with this device.

In terms of specifications, the Surface 4 Pro has an Intel Core I5 6300 processor, running at 2.4 GHZ, 8 GB DDR3 RAM to open several applications, a 256 SSD or solid state drive for storage, also providing great speed in relation to open software and boot up Windows, a 12.3 display with 2K resolution and 3.2 aspect ratio, Intel HD 520 Graphic as integrated video card.

The latest Surface 4 Pro

On other general features it has an 8 MP main camera and 5.0 MP front facing camera, Wi-fi. Bluetooth 4.0, accelerometer, gyroscope, and light sensors. About connectivity and ports the Surface 4 Pro has a mini display port, 1 USB 3.0 port, 3.5 mm headphone jack, and magnetic keyboard dock, weighting 768 grams, very light in for the type of device, being a complete PC.