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The incredible Go Pro 4 Hero Black

Thanks to the advance of technology, and the extended use of Internet, sharing content of different activities and social life results very easy, in relation to videos, photos, and shoots taken with phones, cameras and other devices. However, there is a specific device to take amazing photos and recording of sports, and outsides, this is the incredible Go Pro 4 Hero Black.

Knowing the action cams

Many people are living exciting lives, practicing sports on the outside, living on the outdoors taking advantage of every moment to transform it into adventure, and usually, they want to have memories of such moments, and action cams are exactly the appropriate device for it, giving the opportunity to record every second without losing adrenaline, in an unimaginable quality.

Knowing the action cams

Nonetheless, action cams are a relatively new device in the market, being specialized cameras to use on the outdoors, mounted on a helmet, a stick, or hold by hand, to record videos and photos in motion, and any condition imaginable, fast down a hill on a skateboard, surfing, scaling, parachuting, or any other activities were bigger and heavier cameras would not be practical.

In the same way, action cameras are now manufactured by many companies, like Sony, Samsung, and others, providing different features, with their own style, and product culture. But, without a doubt, the most recognized and valued brand on this technology sector is Go Pro, having the best cameras, always wanted by users around the world, to record their outside adventures.

Go Pro 4 Hero Black as top of the line

The latest release of this brand, in terms of flag ships results is the Go Pro 4 Hero Black, as a small and powerful action camera, full of interesting features and characteristics. First, this camera is addressed to professional on any field, with the possibility of recording in 4K resolution with 30 frames per second, and Full HD resolution with 120 frames per second, resulting incredible.

This camera is the top of the line of the company, with double of performance and power in direct comparison with its predecessor, slow motion feature, 60 Mbps high bitrate recording, a monochromatic screen (not touch capability like its predecessor), which could be a disadvantage for some users, but being compensated with easier and more intuitive operation menus.

In terms of construction and connectivity, the Go Pro 4 Hero Black is squared, small and quite light, but powerful and complete about connectivity, having on the left a micro HDMI port, a mini USB port, a micro SD slot, and a 3.5 mm microphone jack port to connect other. Also, on the package is included a submersible protective case, until 40 meters down water.

Go Pro 4 Hero Black as top of the line

To conclude, this is the best action cam built by this brand, proving excellent quality and features, making it stand out among others. Therefore, the Go pro 4 Hero Black is the action camera to buy, recommended to processional consumers, and chance of using the Go Pro app, to transform a phone into high definition viewer, to enjoy memories and recording in great quality.