Knowing the astonishing Samsung Galaxy Note 7

There is no doubt of the great influence mobile devices are having in the society, at present time, influencing every aspect of human culture, in terms of communication, interconnection, sharing, work, studies, information, knowledge and every other, making possible things a few years later could not be imagined. So, with the astonishing Samsung Galaxy Note 7 more will be possible.

Nonetheless, none of this would be possible, without the use and possibilities brought by the internet, being the main technology the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and others devices have, in order to make all their functions possible, being connected and receiving data to update different useful information and others, giving phones the exact label of “smart” could not be possible without it.

The arrival of the intelligent phone

On the years of 2007 and 2008, the Iphone by Apple, with IOS operating system, and the HTC Dream as the first phone with Android were released, giving birth to a new era of mobile devices. In the same way, phones become multifunction handhelds, with plenty of functionalities starting from internet capabilities, apps, all of that seen on big screens, with multi-touch and no keyboard.


On the three years that followed, the tendency worldwide of people using this devices was simply unbelievable, giving great benefits to the biggest companies on the planet regarding this sector of business, Samsung and Apple, selling devices by millions per month, with the consequence release of new devices, more capable, faster, with better cameras, connections and others.

But, the biggest revolution of this type of devices, other than having combined functions, being completely portable, with multi-touch screens, and no keyboard, it results on the functioning of apps, like small software with specific use that transforms the phone into a mini PC, or a gaming console, because all possibilities given by large screens, and great computing power inside.

The Galaxy Note family

In the same order of ideas, as the phone market was growing, and the influence of these devices rise up every week, a Korean technology company realized about a tendency of use manufacturers and users were having, in direct relation to the screen size of smart phones, being bigger and bigger on every release, and they thought about a new line of product, an none existing one, yet.

Given the tendency of people on using bigger devices, with larger and better screen, to take photos, consume multimedia files like movies, series, videos, and also the possibilities on the productive approach, Samsung invented a new device, massive for that time, with a screen size of 5.3 inches in diagonal, being the biggest mobile screen put on a device on the entire planet.

The Galaxy Note family

In this way, the Samsung Galaxy Note family, or “phablet” was born, as an innovative and powerful device and product, with a large screen of 5.3 inches, great hardware and quality, big battery life, and the inclusion of an special tool called “S Pen”, to take advantage of that screen in relation to productivity. With this product, Samsung invented a product between a tablet and a smart phone.

Of course, as it always happens with a new product, the first Samsung Galaxy Note was criticized by plenty of reviewers and analysts, claiming this phone were too big for the hand, and confused between two different products. Nevertheless, by the release time the phone became an absolute success, selling over ten million units in matter of weeks, proving Samsung right.

Details of these devices

Continuing, devices belonging to the Samsung Galaxy Note family are very specific, and unique in their type, almost having exclusive design and features, which users know they are going to find for sure with this phones, and not on any other existing, giving an exceptionality air to this line of product, with power, luxury, functionality, productivity, and most of all, a big screen size.

But in detail, the main characteristics of these devices are: having a big screen; being from 5.3 inches to 5.7 in diagonal with HD, Full HD, and 2K resolutions, top of the line processors; for every model at the time of its release, having four and eight cores some models, powerful GPUs, high storage capacity; going from 16 GB to 64 GB plus SD slots, high resolution cameras; from 8 to 16.

In the same way, due to this powerful hardware, Galaxy Note devices always are equipped with large batteries, going from 2.500 mAH, to 3.500 mAH, and ultimate technologies regarding connectivity, like 4g network or LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, and security with fingerprint scanners. However, a disadvantage for some people may result on total size, and general weight.

The future is here with Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Regarding to this family of great devices, its last member is about to be released, not passing unseen by anyone, that for sure. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to be the most advance of this brand, yet. In fact, the previous one was the Note5, but Samsung decided to move name model straight to Note 7, matching it with the every year flag ship along, the Samsung Galaxy 7.

The future is here with Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Among the features of this new phone, all of them conclude in an impressive device, thought as a work and business cell phone, with a double curve on the sides, giving extra functionalities and a more than beautiful look, a 5.7 inches screen size, water resistant, and the inclusion, as always of the special pen attached to the phone.

It has a 2K resolution screen, perfect for multimedia content, a 12 dual lenses camera with Dual Pixel, 64 GB basic storage plus SD until 256 GB, 4 GB of RAM along with the 820 Qualcomm processor assuring speed, wireless fast charging with a 3.500 mAH smart battery.

Also, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has innovative features that look from the future, like having an Iris Scanner, opening the device with just look at it, and virtual reality capabilities, due to its powerful hardware, and the use of Gear VR, for an immersive and future experience in games.

Release date of Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note7 is going to be released on August 19th, with great expectations about the new technologies this device has, like the Iris Scanner and the virtual reality capabilities.

Release date of Galaxy Note 7