Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air as first computing device

Without a doubt, Chinese companies are competing hard on different fields and sectors on technology market, from mobile phones, tablets and wearables, to smart watches, computers and appliances, with the approach offering great devices at low cost. In this case it is the company Xiaomi, and its entry on another field different than phones, with the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air.

Xiaomi and technology products

Xiaomi is a Chinese company, being known and recognized this time now, because of the many products released by it every year, in terms of mobile phones, smart watches, appliances, TV boxes, headphones, tablets, and others, with great acceptance, and the corresponding approach by Chinese companies, to sell at very competitive prices, without forgetting quality and looks.

Nevertheless, without a doubt strength of Xiaomi is definitely the mobile phone field, selling millions of them every year, and releasing low, mid and high end devices with killing prices, and offering the same, or even higher quality and features than competitors like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei, which is also from China, among other successful Chinese companies existing.

Xiaomi and technology products

In the same order of ideas, this Chinese company has released great phones, like flag chips and mid range devices with great sales, like the Mi Note line, and Mi line like the Xiaomi Mi 3, 4 or 5, all of them being high end phones with great performance, hardware, functions, and beautiful looks, even some of them offered made by ceramic, at very low prices compared with others.

The first laptop from Xiaomi is the Mi Notebook Air

Furthermore, Xiaomi never released a computing device itself, like a PC or a laptop with Windows as operating system, until now, extending its already big offer of products, adding a complete computing machine, a laptop with many features and replicating portable devices designed by Apple like Mac Book Air, even imitating the way it is called, being the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air.

In the same way, the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air is a laptop with great features, starting with a 12, 2 inch display with Full HD resolution or 1080p with multi touch options, full metallic body making it look beautiful, enlighten keyboard, fast charging (only seen on phones), Dolby speakers, only being 12.9 mm thick, and weighting 1,02 KG.

On more technical specifications, this laptop has an Intel Core M3 6Y30 processor, an HD 515 graphic from Intel, 4 GB DDR3 RAM, 128 GB solid state drive plus SD card slot, USB Type C port, 1 USB 3.0 port, HDMI out, double band wireless LAN, an 11 hours battery with 37 Wh capacity, and Windows 10 as operating system.

The first laptop from Xiaomi is the Mi Notebook Air

Also, the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air has other more advance variant, with a larger display of 13.3 inches, and some other differences, like the inclusion of a I5 6200U processor, a GT 640 1GB GDDR video card from Nvidia, double of RAM, double storage capacity, two USB ports. Of course, this variant results more powerful, costing more. Both devices cost 523 and 749 dollars, respectively.

Umi Super 4G as the affordable and Premium phone

It results no secret the influence of the smart phone on people´s lives, using it every day to stay connected, in touch, and deeply related to every aspect of life, like work, studies, recreation, and others, having the world in the palm of the hands. So, China is standing out as a country with plenty of companies making great phones, at low price, like it happens with the UMI Super 4G.

Chinese companies and phone market

Many companies around the world are created every day, to design and built mobile devices, due to the importance and relevance these have on people, buying phones and tablets for different reasons, which could be from communication, to recreation and multimedia consumption, either way, businesses around the world do not want to miss chance to obtain profit out this product.

However, the market has already specific companies, which have all the attention and influence because of their size, experience, and product developing, earning trust and power on the mobile device´s industry. In the same order of ideas, there are three companies standing out in this sector, like Apple and the influencing Iphone, Samsung and its Galaxy product line, and Huawei.

Chinese companies and phone market

As it is seen, there is already a Chinese company on the podium like Huawei, a very respected company that from the ground up, respecting to mobile devices it has grown exponentially, reaching the third place on the planet, planning to get higher. Nevertheless, there are other plenty of companies existing, building more than interesting phones like Xiaomi, Oppo and Umi.

This Chinese market in relation to mobile phones results very interesting, having the approach on selling great and powerful phones, at very low prices in comparison to other reference companies, becoming a real competition to them, and making general price to go down. In direct relation to this approach, Umi has shown a premium phone with high end features, by half price.

The incredible UMI Super 4G phone

This is the Umi Super 4G, an impressive phone with looks, features and performance of a high end device, costing less than half of total price, in comparison to other premium phone. So, this device have a 5.5 screen with Full DH resolution built by Sharp, giving great colors and quality, covered with Gorilla Glass 3, against massive scratching and breaking, being always protected.

On the main technical specifications, this phone has a powerful Octa core processor, specifically the Helio P10 built by Mediatek, assuring power and smoothness, along with it there is a 4 GB RAM memory, and 32 GB of general storage capacity, which can be extended with a SD card, until 256 GB. Also, this phone counts with an excellent 13 MP camera, and a 5 MP camera for selfies.

The incredible UMI Super 4G phone

On more general features, the UMI Super 4G has a back fingerprint scanner for security, a USB Type C port for fast charging and connectivity, a 4.000 mAH battery for prolonged used, and all of this packed into a beautiful aluminum anodized body. In relation to the price, it costs 219 dollars, an scandal price in relation to what it offers, being a real machine for mid range general price.

The new of AMD with Radeon RX 470 and RX 460 models

The world of videogames has two important variants, the first orientated to home consoles from companies like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, designing special devices for this purpose, including controllers, exclusive game and other benefits. Nonetheless, the other variant is related to building of powerful gaming computers, where Radeon RX 470 and 460 can have great market.

This variant has big advantages, may be with increased investment, but allowing users to built their own machine from scratch, looking for exactly the performance they need, knowing every component and quality of the built computer, sometimes surpassing by many times power and capacity of other home consoles available, but at a higher price to get the best of videogames.

When it comes to gaming computers, the most important component results in the graphic card, the specialized and specific hardware for this purpose, where the general market is dominated by two brands; AMD with Radeon series, and Nvidia with its Geforce. However, today is the turn of Radeon RX 470, and Radeon RX 460 to talk about, the latest release from AMD Company this year.

Knowing Radeon RX 470

With the latest releases of Nvidia with its Geforce 1000 series, AMD would not stay behind at all, and a few days later, the company show their new graphic cards based on its Polaris architecture, giving great performance for less power consumption, and existing for now three main products, focused on high, mid, and low en market, adapting to every need of corresponding consumers.

Focusing the aim on the mid end product, AMD showed the Radeon RX 470, a powerful graphic card based on a Polaris 10 GPU, oriented to 1080 resolution on demanding games, showing excellent performance, giving 107 FPS on Doom, 77 FPS on Fall Out 4, and 60 on Hitman. This card results perfect regarding its performance in comparison with its cost, costing less than 200 dollars.

Knowing Radeon RX 470

Regarding technical specifications, Radeon RX 470 is based on Polaris 10, built at 14nm with FinFet technology, 2048 stream processors, 128 TMU, 32 Rops, a base clock running at 962 MHZ, reaching 1200 MHZ, total power offering of 3.8 Tflops/s reaching 4.9 overclocked, 4 GB GDDR5 memory at 1650 MHZ speed, 211 GB/s bandwidth, consuming 120 watts with a 6 pin connector.

Powerful low end market with Radeon RX 460

On the other hand, there is the RX 460, a video card focused on other type of players, providing excellent performance on multiplayer online games, giving 102 FPS on DOTA 2, 109 FPS on Overwatch, and 96 FPS on Rocket League. Nevertheless, it is no addressed for demanding games.

In term of specifications, the RX 460 is based on Polaris 11 GPU, also built on 14nm Finfet architecture, 896 stream processors, 48 TMU, 16 Rops, base clock running at 1090 MHZ, 2 Tflops/s calculation power, available in 2 GB and 4 GB configurations running at 1750 MHZ, 128 bits BUS, 112 GB/ bandwidth, and a TDP or total consumption of 75 watts, being fed by PCI Express slot.

Powerful low end market with Radeon RX 460

The mysterious Nintendo NX

In the world of entertainment and technology, videogames have always represented a great sector, with billions of dollars per year, influencing culture on every level, like movies, music and other fields, being considered by many as an art. About this topic, Nintendo is an outstanding company, now even more, with the expectation of release of its next console, the Nintendo NX.

Nintendo wants to get back

Nintendo represents one of the greatest videogame companies existing, along with Sony and its Play station, and Microsoft with the XBOX, influencing the market big way, with remarkable characters they owned as very successful franchises, like Mario, Zelda, Pokémon, Metroid, and others, making this company huge, and known almost in every place on the planet.

However, Nintendo is having some problems on the specific division related with home console sector, losing influence and power on the market, because of the low expectation and non-trusted environment surrounding the Wii U, thanks to minimum sales, and the claiming of costumers confusing about it, as an extra device of the first Wii.

Nintendo wants to get back

To explain this better, on the seventh generation of consoles, Nintendo released the Wii, to compete with the Play Station 3 from Sony, and the XBOX 360 from Microsoft, using a very different approach of the other two, which were focused on graphic power, and experimented player´s field, instead of the Wii, being a family home console for everyone who wanted to play.

With this particular and unique approach, along with innovative motion controls, the Wii became a success and the absolute king on its generation of consoles, selling over 100 million units during its lifetime, something really impressive. Nevertheless, Nintendo repeated the formula on the next generation with the Wii U, and well, things did not work out as well as the first time they tried.

All hopes on the Nintendo NX

So, on this generation, and learning from its mistakes, Nintendo wants to get back on the game, with the release of the Nintendo NX, a mysterious console that is not on the market yet, but expectations, and rumors are getting bigger every day.

In more details, rumors say Nintendo NX is going to be released on March, 2017 as a hybrid concept between a home console, and a portable console, having both capabilities, which sounds really interesting, like the fact supposedly it will be using cartridges, instead of disc for game storage, something sincerely hard to believe, but rumors can say a different thing every day.

Nintendo would be like a portable console, with two controls attached to the side, which could be separated, in order to play on a TV screen. In terms of technical specifications, it would be powered by the Tegra X1, a processor built by Nvidia, being powerful, but not as much as its competitors, and the use of a dock station, when it is on standby, or in home console use.

All hopes on the Nintendo NX

To conclude, if this rumors result being true, Nintendo seems to follow the same approach they followed with Wii, and Wii U. Nevertheless, if same mistakes are not done again, and the Nintendo NX is support by great marketing, and they show clearly how the console works, there are possibilities for it to success.

The incredible Go Pro 4 Hero Black

Thanks to the advance of technology, and the extended use of Internet, sharing content of different activities and social life results very easy, in relation to videos, photos, and shoots taken with phones, cameras and other devices. However, there is a specific device to take amazing photos and recording of sports, and outsides, this is the incredible Go Pro 4 Hero Black.

Knowing the action cams

Many people are living exciting lives, practicing sports on the outside, living on the outdoors taking advantage of every moment to transform it into adventure, and usually, they want to have memories of such moments, and action cams are exactly the appropriate device for it, giving the opportunity to record every second without losing adrenaline, in an unimaginable quality.

Knowing the action cams

Nonetheless, action cams are a relatively new device in the market, being specialized cameras to use on the outdoors, mounted on a helmet, a stick, or hold by hand, to record videos and photos in motion, and any condition imaginable, fast down a hill on a skateboard, surfing, scaling, parachuting, or any other activities were bigger and heavier cameras would not be practical.

In the same way, action cameras are now manufactured by many companies, like Sony, Samsung, and others, providing different features, with their own style, and product culture. But, without a doubt, the most recognized and valued brand on this technology sector is Go Pro, having the best cameras, always wanted by users around the world, to record their outside adventures.

Go Pro 4 Hero Black as top of the line

The latest release of this brand, in terms of flag ships results is the Go Pro 4 Hero Black, as a small and powerful action camera, full of interesting features and characteristics. First, this camera is addressed to professional on any field, with the possibility of recording in 4K resolution with 30 frames per second, and Full HD resolution with 120 frames per second, resulting incredible.

This camera is the top of the line of the company, with double of performance and power in direct comparison with its predecessor, slow motion feature, 60 Mbps high bitrate recording, a monochromatic screen (not touch capability like its predecessor), which could be a disadvantage for some users, but being compensated with easier and more intuitive operation menus.

In terms of construction and connectivity, the Go Pro 4 Hero Black is squared, small and quite light, but powerful and complete about connectivity, having on the left a micro HDMI port, a mini USB port, a micro SD slot, and a 3.5 mm microphone jack port to connect other. Also, on the package is included a submersible protective case, until 40 meters down water.

Go Pro 4 Hero Black as top of the line

To conclude, this is the best action cam built by this brand, proving excellent quality and features, making it stand out among others. Therefore, the Go pro 4 Hero Black is the action camera to buy, recommended to processional consumers, and chance of using the Go Pro app, to transform a phone into high definition viewer, to enjoy memories and recording in great quality.

Waiting for the Iphone 6SE

In the world of mobile devices and technology, having plenty of businesses and companies worldwide, fighting each other on selling their products, trying to convince more and more people they sell the best devices, with greater quality, design and functionality, however, there is Apple, as one apart from the others for many reasons, waiting to release its next Iphone 6SE, shortly.

But, before start speaking about this new release, and all changes brought with it, when even the name is having controversy, and showing a change of ways from Apple, to explain the historical background of these device would be valid, which changed the way people perceive a mobile phone, influencing every one of them existing later, even until now, setting a design paradigm.

Before the Iphone

In the older days, starting in the 90´s, mobile phone became affordable, because before that time these devices were too expensive, not being for everyone, however, in this decade that changed, giving people the chance to buy one, in order to stay in touch with love ones through distance. At this stage, Nokia and Motorola were the absolute leaders in this sector of technology and phones.

Before the Iphone

Later on, with Nokia and Motorola always ahead other competitors, new technologies appeared, giving chance manufacturers to add more functions to mobile phones, such as cameras, colored displays, memory expansion, MP3 player, and even internet and email connectivity, transforming these devices into several things at once, giving it versatility and uses never imagined before.

Designs were quite different from one to the other, existing candy bar, clam shell shaped, with slider keyboard, PDA type, and with resistive touch screen (quite bad, by the way), and others, where buyers could pick their favorite design from a great variety, may be a good thing.

Nevertheless, all this change with an unexpected competitor on mobile device´s field and its first released phone, it was Apple, and the Iphone. It is said unexpected, because this company was known by building and selling the Ipod, and MAC computers, but not phones.

Steve Jobs introduced the first Iphone in 2007, showing a whole different perspective and approach on mobile phones, presenting a huge (for that time) multi-touch 3´5 inch display with great response, no physical keyboard, no external antenna, aluminum anodized design, and most importantly, the introduction of apps, changing completely the world of mobile software.

From not selling phones to become first

The impact of this release was massive, showing unseen behavior of costumers around the world, waiting in lines for days to buy the Iphone, so, the expectations on this device were unprecedented, in relation to users, enthusiasts, journalists, magazines, and the whole world of technology worldwide, showing Apple arrived to stay and influence phone business, for good.

From not selling phones to become first

In the same way, the influence was so high, other companies started design phones imitating the looks of Apple´s phone, establishing an unprecedented paradigm existing until today, where all phones have a front multi-touch screen, no keyboard, and buttons on the side, only differing on screen size, which the tendency was for making them bigger, reaching the 6´0 inches sometimes.

But the rest of the design was non-negotiable, for companies around the world was the path to follow, even Samsung, the greatest Apple competitor adopted this line of design, resulting sometimes on suits, and other legal problems. On the other hand, Steve also claimed Android was a IOS ripped off, but it was never proved in court, being the direct competitor on software terms.

As it is seen, the influence of the Iphone was so huge that it established a current paradigm, regarding to mobile devices, helping this phone being year after year, as the one generating more expectation with every release, having as result to be the most sold phone, and making Apple the first company in terms of manufacturing, and selling mobile devices, above Samsung and Huawei.

Expectations and rumors on Iphone 7 model

Expectations, filtrations and rumors about Apple´s new models happen every time, when September of every year is coming, related news and images of the new device, specification, price, and even new functionalities are shown, resulting sometimes true, or false, the point is that is just an example on the expectations, and news these devices generate, every year and model.

So, with this latest model it is not going to be different, when plenty of rumors and photos are circulating the web. In first place, there is a certainty the name is no going to be Iphone 7, following the line on naming every device with the next number, and the next one adding an S, so, being called the previous one Iphone 6S, it was believed next one was going to be called Iphone 7.

But, it results the name of the new device is going to be Iphone 6SE, following the line of the Iphone SE, a 4.0 inch phone with powerful hardware. In terms of design, it is going to be similar to the 6S, same screen size, but using AMOLED technology, increasing quality, and color. Also, back lines of antenna will be removed, leaving a clear back, differentiating one model to the other.

Expectations and rumors on Iphone 7 model

Nonetheless, the greatest changes are going to be in the camera, allegedly is going to have a double lens, in order to get more light and clear shots, and the 3.5 headphone jack will be removed, exchange it for the lightening port directly, claiming Apple that sound quality will be increased by far with this change, causing some criticism and hesitation among future users.

The future of Apple

Rumors about the Iphone 6SE, or Iphone 7, it is not certain yet, will affect the future of this company, due to the success is having Samsung with the S7 and S7 Edge, even some say the strange change of naming the next device is related to it, with the intention not repeating the 7 on the nomenclature.

The future of Apple

On the other hand, Apple is waiting new features of the so called Iphone 6SE rises up total sales. Nevertheless, users will decide, if such changes justify switch previous devices, with the new one, waiting for the first decade anniversary of first Iphone, the product that changed the whole mobile phone business.

Specific Radeon RX 470 and RX460 Sapphire units

Mobile devices are an important part on daily life of people, making things easier in terms of versatility, helping in aspects like communication, socialization, and recreation. Nevertheless, computers are also important, for home use, and the more enthusiast market of computer gaming, allowing people building their own, when Sapphire Radeon RX 470 and 460 RX appear.

The world of PC gaming

The universe of computers built by enthusiast is very diverse, having very representative brands, a great amount of products from cooling solutions, motherboards and RAM memories, to modified cases, LED lights, and special power supplies. Nevertheless, in terms of gaming, the most important thing is the graphic card, responsible for general performance in this specific sector.

The world of PC gaming

In the same way, there are some myths believed by people regarding this topic, due to its complexity and variety of information, of different products and solutions belonging to it. The first one results in obviating graphic card´s ends, and concluding the amount of total RAM memory determines the quality of the card, being completely false, in fact determined by range and cost.

Other of several myths regarding this topic, and very important for this article, is the one that AMD and Nvidia are the only industries building, and assembling graphic cards. To explain this better, these companies are reference designing and building chips for video cards, but the assembling process, and customized construction relies on other important industries.

Here is where Sapphire appears, as a leader company building and customizing Radeon and Nvidia based on graphic cards, adding its own excellent solutions in terms of cooling, design, specs modification, and sometimes adding overclocking capabilities special models, in this way offering superior performance, in comparison to reference and original models from AMD and Nvidia.

Customized Sapphire Radeon RX 470 and RX 460 models

So, having cleared the situation between chip´s designers and graphic card’s assemblers, it is time to focus the attention on the latest models released, in terms of low and mid range, with good prices, low power consumption, and performance, of course, every one of them addressing different gaming markets and resolutions, this are the AMD RX 470 and RX 460 from Sapphire.

To begin with, the RX 470 from Sapphire seems to have same specs from AMD reference model, based on Polaris 10, 14 nm architecture, 2048 stream processors, 962 MHZ base clock, 4 GB GDDR5 memory, and 211 GB/s bandwidth. In relation to external design, it is black and silver colored, with cooling turbine solution, alike to reference model, being called Platinum Edition.

Customized Sapphire Radeon RX 470 and RX 460 models

On the other way there is RX 460, with very similar specs to AMD model, with a Polaris 11 GPU, also built on 14nm architecture, 896 stream processors, base clock running at 1090 MHZ, with 2 and 4 GB GDDR5 configurations, and a bandwidth of 112 GB/s, however, unlike RX 470, the Radeon RX 460 from Sapphire has a more customized design, with two 120mm fans.

Finally, these models represent excellent solutions for gaming, regarding low and mid end range, to enjoy demanding, or multiplayer online games, thanks to Sapphire and its engineering design work.

The return of Nokia

A few years ago, Nokia represented the most successful cell phone business in the whole world, manufacturing and selling millions of devices, being known for their durability, strength and versatility of use, therefore, they were the kings of the featured phones, making reference to a relation between devices existing back in the day, and the ones existing now.

At that time, cell phones as personal devices were only that, portable phones with other minimum capabilities, like calendar, calculator, one or two games, and in the best of cases a camera, which was included at the last stage, before the existing of cell phones with internet connection, app markets, and processors similar on computer, making them called smart phones.

When Nokia was the king of business

To begin with, Nokia is a Finnish company with two approaches of business, one that was focused on the manufacturing and cell phone distribution, being the most influential enterprise in this sector globally, and the one, still existing nowadays; it focuses on network and communication technologies, where Nokia is still standing as one of the leaders, due to its solutions on this sector.

In the same way, from 1998 to 2011, Nokia was the absolute leader and a reference for other companies, in relation to the mobile phone sector, being known for their quality, durability, and innovation at that time, selling over a billion units during those ages where Nokia was king.

When Nokia was the king of business

For example, in 1988 Nokia released the 232 model, as the first affordable phone at that time, later on, the 8110 model as an innovation, including a slider design. A few years later, in 1998 it was released the Nokia 5110, which could be remembered by many readers, because there are big chances they owned one back in the day, with exchangeable cases, selling over 125 million units.

Nokia and the pre smart phone era

In the new millennium, Nokia was still being the reference in phones, taking advantage of the advance in technology, and the affordability brought with it, adding new and useful features to phones, which could not be imagined just a few years back, with the insertion of cameras, radios, mp3 players, video recorders, internet capabilities, and other great functions added through years.

In this scenario, Nokia also had great sales, with great phones released to the market, with almost no real competition (only Blackberry), where Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and other markets had a small influence, and Nokia on the top of it, innovating with every model, and every series released, generating great expectations on the world of communication and technology.

To help achieving all this success and influence, at this stage of the game, Nokia released two phone series, the N and E series, with similar characteristics, regarding functions, construction and quality, with big screens, high resolution cameras with flash (not very common at the time), mp3 players, integrated browsers, and others, only different on general, and business approach.

Nokia and the pre smart phone era


The birth of a new device

It was the year 2007, and a great event was taking place, Steve Jobs introduced the first Iphone model to the world, with IOS operating system created by Apple, changing without a doubt, the whole world of phone business, for consumers and sellers, with great advantages provided by use of a large multi-touch screen, no physical keyboard, and the chance to download some apps.

On the other hand, by the year of 2008, HTC was releasing its latest model, the HTC Dream, as the first phone with the Android operating system in its guts. So, with the release of this phone the Android era began, introducing a Linux based operating system with plenty of smart functionalities, personalization options and the chance for using the app market to get software.

In direct relation, these two events were stand out, because they marked the path for the new age, regarding to mobile devices and phones, being born the smart phone. So, this type of device was the combination of a phone, an mp3 player, a camera with recording capabilities, a web browser, a GPS, a completely new gaming platform, and the use of apps for specific purposes.

Falling a kingdom and the entry of Microsoft

With the birth of smart phone, Nokia seemed to stay behind, due to the success of the Iphone, and Android phones manufactured by plenty of companies, where Samsung is the absolute leader, to present day. In the same way, the problem of Nokia were not manufacturers, its problem was staying behind, regarding to platform development, and operating systems.

Symbian was the operating system used by Nokia on their devices, becoming less and less used by consumers, because the existence, and advantages offered by IOS and Android, resulting disappeared. In this way, Nokia begin losing its perpetual success, falling until one of the less used brand, after being on the top for years.

Falling a kingdom and the entry of Microsoft

Nevertheless, on a strategic move, Nokia decide selling its mobile device department to Microsoft, as union of their technology, Windows Phone Mobile as operating system, and infrastructure. However, the decision results no being the best, due to the very low market share of Lumia devices, and the operating system they work with, not being influential to people, at all.

Nokia and Android as rebirth

As it is seen, the problem of Nokia was always the software, therefore, taking advantage on Microsoft´ move on selling rights to use of the name, the brand is going to come back, from the hand of a new company founded by former directors of Microsoft, it is called HDM Global, with a 500 million dollars investment, because Nokia is still valued by consumers, according to surveys.

So, the plan is brining Nokia back, with the release of two new devices using Android, and with ultimate hardware, to ensure the best performance and a great user experience, involving also a great design, and all the characteristics and good things Nokia was known for, in first place.

These two phones will be released in October, featuring a high quality metallic design, 2k screen resolution (2160×1440 pixels, or double of Full HD), using Android latest version Nougat 7.0, top of the line 4 cores Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 running at 2.8 GHZ, IPS Protection against dust and water (submersible), a great 22.6 Megapixel camera, costing between 500 to 600 dollars.

Due to many failures and mistakes made by Nokia were from software nature, and not hardware, this new strategy seems to give hope to the company, with the move of adding their excellent hardware and quality, a great operating system as Android, having over 1.4 billion users across the world.

Nokia and Android as rebirth

Knowing the Asus ROG GL752VW

Inside the industry of PC gaming, devices usually are very powerful, due to the need of great resources and speed to execute such games on them. That is why; different specialized industries like Asus, MSI and Gigabyte have their own division about this specific sector. In relation to Asus, this division is ROG, or Republic of Gamers, standing out its release of the Asus ROG GL752vw.

Republic of Gamers as quality label

Before getting deeply into this device, it would be valuable to talk about the special division Asus has called Republic of Gamers, almost functioning as an independent label, with certain unique characteristics, which separate general products, from devices design to be sold under this label.

A great gaming device in the Asus ROG GL752VW

In the same way, Republic of Gamers from Asus include all devices focused on gaming, from specialized laptops and desktops, with unique design, characteristic colors, great performance, but not only that, labeling other products to sale independently, like motherboards, graphic cards, cooling solutions, and external peripherals like keyboards, mouse, headphones and others.

So, when costumers realize about this label related to quality and performance, products generate more expectations, helping them about marketing, and to know for sure the general functioning of such products, like it happens with the Asus ROG GL752VW, a mobile computer that users are going to relate with unique characteristics, and obviously, the performance and quality behind it.

A great gaming device in the Asus ROG GL752VW

So about characteristics and specifications, this laptop stands out at first hand, because of a big LED screen, having 17.3 inches diagonal with a Full HD resolution or 1920x1080p. In relation to the processor, it has a powerful sixth generation Core i7 6700HQ Skylake processor, more than enough for multitasking, video editing, and other features needed by users of this device.

In the same way, this Asus ROG has 16 GB DDR4 memory, with the chance to expand it until 32 GB, 1 TB hard drive for storage content of any kind, including the operating system, a DVD writer and reader, different connection ports like Ethernet, 3 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB 3.0 port, 1 3.1 USB Type C port, a HDMI out, and a mini display port, to use in monitors with 4K resolutions.

Republic of Gamers as quality label

However, one of the most important component of this gaming laptop is the video card, integrating a dedicated 2 GB GDDR5 GTX 960 M from Nvidia, powering up its Full HD display, and giving power to execute demanding games from this year, like Doom or The Division.

On other general specs, the Asus ROG GL752VW has Wi-fi, Bluetooth, an illuminated keyboard in red, being a characteristic of this gaming division, a four cell battery (which can stay short, and last for two hours tops, and even less on gaming mode) Also, another disadvantage could be this machine comes with Freedos and no other operating system, which must be bought separately.

The final cost of the Asus ROG GL752VW is about 1300 dollars, being more than reasonable, offering enough performance and portability, despites low battery capacity and having no O.S.

Geforce GTX 1000 M as graphic card mobile series

Computers are a very important part of the business of videogames, competing against home consoles, and companies like Nintendo and Sony, offering much more powerful machines, the chance to build them, and to upgrade parts and improve performance any time. About that, the graphic card results important, and Nvidia will release soon their Geforce GTX 1000 M series.

Mobile and desktop graphics solutions

Nividia is presenting its latest released, regarding graphic cards addressed to gaming computers sector, with the GTX 1000 series, introducing a new design architecture called Pascal, offering great performance and low power consumption, in direct comparison to the previous architecture used on GTX 900 series. However, it was only about desktop solution, missing mobile approach.

But, why there have to be separated solutions about graphic cards on desktop and mobile devices? Well, it is just a matter of logic and size. Desktop graphic cards are devices connected to a PCI Express slot, on big cases attached to the motherboard, having their own cooling system, and the chance for the user to improve it even more, with larger fans and liquid cooling, being great.

Mobile and desktop graphics solutions

In this way, desktop graphic cards overheat less, and are design taking advantage of the big space available on the case to be used. However, in the case of mobile computers, the space gets reduced by far, obligating engineers to design specific mobile solutions, and Nvidia and AMD to design a parallel line addressed these devices, with smaller chips, and less powerful.

Another problem with any graphic card´s mobile division, is to reduce overheating, and avoid extreme power consumption, due to mobile devices and laptops have low capacity batteries for this kind of gaming use, obligating again companies and chip designers to face this problems and solve them. Nevertheless, Nvidia seems to be advancing fast, respecting this new product line.

Nvidia´s mobile solution with Geforce GTX 1000 M

The Nvidia Geforce 1000 M series is the new generation of dedicated graphic cards, with the latest Pascal architecture, and with functioning and power similar, in theory, with the same line addressed to desktop computers. So, the new models presented have been the GTX 1070 M, and GTX 1060 M only, leaving doubts avoid features and design of the more powerful GTX 1080 M.

Nvidia´s mobile solution with Geforce GTX 1000 M

According to rumors, brands like Asus, MSI and Gigabyte, being leaders on this gaming sector are already manufacturing laptops and all in one computers with GTX 1000 M series of different models. Also, it seems Nvidia is going to eliminate the mobile association in the name, because this new line of product offers similar power and capacity, in relation to specific desktop solution.

So, in terms of specifications, the GTX 1070 M results powerful, with a base clock running at 1443 MHZ, a memory clock from 2002 to 8008 MHZ, being impressive, 8 GB GDDR memory, with 256 bit memory interface. On the other hand, the GTX 1060 share some features, only reducing VRAM until 6 GB, and having a 192 bit memory interface, other specs seem similar.